The Story of Saltwater Couture

 Saltwater Couture was founded by Kayla Shannon in 2016. Well, if you really wanted to get technical it really started in 2015. The name Saltwater Couture came after the idea. I was a stay at home mom and had two kids under the age of three. While I loved and enjoyed being able to stay home with my babies and watch them grow. I had this urge to create, to inspire, and to design. I opened an online boutique in the beginning of 2015. It was a coastal boutique filled with comfy, causal, beach-chic fashion. It wasn't long (about 2 months in) before I knew I wanted to design something for the boutique. My family and I are a water loving family. We spend a good amount of our time boating, fishing, and beachin' it. The first two design's "Salty Hair N Tan Lines" and "Captain's Wifey" were inspired by our days on the water. My husband is a Fishing Charter Captain in Sarasota and well it’s no surprise how the term “Captain's Wifey” was born because really "every Captain need's a NAUTI girl." I never imagined these two ideas would grow into anything more. That was until I had my first event as a vendor at a local beer fest "Beer, Boat's, and Bacon." I had a small batch of those two designs and they were a hit! That was the day I began thinking of a name for this brand. It took almost a year to the day but when I said "Saltwater Couture" for the very first time to my husband. His words were, "That's it!"